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Interacting with Like-Minded People

Thank you to Joe Kennell (DELTA '58, University of Illinois) for participating in this Q&A. He shares why he is proud of his association with fellow engineers, what makes for career success, and the benefits of being a part of SPD.

If you could go back and relive one moment from your Sigma Phi Delta years, what would it be and why?
I enjoyed fraternity life and I don't feel any particularly moment stands out as lacking or a lost opportunity.

What was your involvement with the fraternity like during your undergraduate years?
Most of my memories of college are about fraternity life and the friendships and activities of the fraternity.  

Why would you recommend that students today join SPD?
To develop the social side of your personality and to interact with like-minded people.
What about your membership in SPD makes you the most proud?
I am most proud of my association with fellows who were  studying and working to be engineers.

What qualities do feel makes for career success?
The qualities of career success are being straightforward, being honest, being able to apply your knowledge base, and being generous and helpful.

Share about your career and life since graduation.
I worked at Caterpillar for 10 years as a design engineer before going into my father's printing business.  The business has grown substantially and my son, daughter, and two grandsons have joined the company.

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