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SPD Regional Alumni Gatherings

Sigma Phi Delta has grown in several ways over the last decade.  One example is by adding EIGHT new active chapters.  The executive leadership of Sigma Phi Delta (the Supreme Council and the Board of Trustees) actively attempt to find the best ways to improve our Fraternity.  We continually attempt to find new ways to provide additional benefit to our alumni, not just our undergraduates.  We recently established the strategic plan for the next 20 years of Sigma Phi Delta.  The details of the plan will be made available over the next few months.


One of the major pillars of the strategic plan is Membership.  We do not mean just simply an increase in the number of Sigma Phi Delta members.  Moreover, we mean an increase in overall benefit to and participation of the membership.  One way to do this is creating ways for our alumni to stay connected with us and each other. 


In order to help, the Supreme Council is attempting to have regional alumni gatherings, periodically.  In June, the Supreme Council held its annual Face to Face meeting. This time, it was in Austin, TX.  In a last minute effort to start a regional gathering, Austin area alumni were contacted and invited to join us for dinner and drinks one evening.  The response positive and each encouraged us to continue with our attempts. 

As a result, we will start small in 2012.  Both our Treasurer, Jeff Masters, and I live in Texas.  As a result, we will be attempting to hold two regional alumni gathering this fall.  One will be in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  The other will be in the Houston area.  The locations are still TBD, but will be firmed up soon.  If you are interested in attending either event, please contact me.


For those of you in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, you will be receiving an email from us soon about the event and soliciting your interest levels.


Alix Minden, PE, PMP
Grand President

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