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Job and Business Opportunities!!!

Sigma Phi Delta has grown in several ways over the last decade.  One example is by adding EIGHT new active chapters.  The executive leadership of Sigma Phi Delta (the Supreme Council and the Board of Trustees) actively attempt to find the best ways to improve our Fraternity.  We continually attempt to find new ways to provide additional benefit to our alumni, not just our undergraduates.  We recently established the strategic plan for the next 20 years of Sigma Phi Delta.  The details of the plan will be made available over the next few months.


One of the major pillars of the strategic plan is Membership.  We do not mean just simply an increase in the number of Sigma Phi Delta members.  Moreover, we mean an increase in overall benefit to and participation of the membership.  One way to do this is facilitating communication mediums to encourage professional development and support.


For most of us, we believe that Sigma Phi Delta helped forge who we are today.  As a result, many of us try and help each other out, when possible.  If you know your company is looking to hire new engineers or leaders, do you go to the street and find strangers, or would you much rather start with Sigma Phi Delta members?  You know how Sigma Phi Delta helped you become a better engineer, and you would believe that we did the same for all other brothers as well.  That is why many of us try to hire a Sigma Phi Delta man, over Joe Blow, if at all possible. 

We seek Sigma Phi Delta brothers for filling roles within our organizations.  What do we do if we are looking for outside help, aka consultants?  Shouldn't we do the same?  If so, how do we find them?


As branch out into the professional world, we realize that our network is very important to finding our next opportunity.  The concept of social media has brought about a new medium for helping us organize and maintain our network, LinkedIn.  Sigma Phi Delta has established a group within LinkedIn.  This group allows us to better communicate with each other, post job listings, and promote other efforts.  To date, members primarily use the group to only blog and list job postings.  However, we want to encourage you to start using the “promotions” section as well.

If you are not a member of our LinkedIn group, I strongly encourage you to join.  It is fast and easy.

Are we suggesting that members should actively attempt to advertise and solicit to our membership?  Only to a point.  Just as we feel it is beneficial to hire SPD brothers, we feel this is another avenue to do so.  However, we request that all solicitations follow some standard guidelines.

  1. The opportunities should be a win-win.  We mean that if a Sigma Phi Delta brother engages in business with you, as a result of your promotions on the site, we ask that you make a modest donation of 2.5% to 5% of the revenue earned from business.  This donation would be directed to the General Fund in order to continue providing services to the entire Fraternity.
  2. The promotions should be focused on engineering / business opportunities.
  3. All opportunities shall be 100% legal in any governmental jurisdiction.
  4. No profanity or obscenity within the advertising.


In order to start this new promotion effort off right, I will be posting an opportunity for my new consulting company.  Please feel free to review it and do the same.

Alix Minden, PE, PMP
Grand President

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